Wrapping up

On my previous post, I discussed the characteristics of digital ‘residents’ and ‘visitors’. Having read some of the blog posts on the same topic from my peers, here is what I have learnt:

vr-map-topic-1Cr: Tianyi’s Blog

The Visitor & Resident map is something I did not look into it further while I was doing my research. I stumbled upon Tianyi’s personal V&R map which caught my attention because I find it really relatable and easy to understand. By stating how an individual can use the web for personal or work purposes, it explains that a person experienced in using the web in their private life may not necessarily be as experienced in using it for work.

Before starting this module, I was more of a digital ‘resident’ and kept most of the social media accounts locked to the public. However, I am slowly starting to see how having a professional profile and presence online can be useful and begin to use the web in an academic way. I have done so by creating this blog, set up the ‘about me’ page, a twitter and google plus account which I use to interact with my classmates and lecturers.

If I were to construct a V&R map previously, my plotting points would be cluttered only at the top right quadrant. Now that I am more receptive of being visible online, it would probably be similar to Tian Yi’s if I were to construct one now.

Comment on Mabel’s blog
Comment on Tian Yi’s blog

Here is a video I thought it would be fun to share!

It is a sketch by one of my favorite YouTuber about the reliance of technology.

Hope everyone is ready for the new week~

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