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As mentioned in my previous post, I stand for having multiple online identities on a social media platform to protect my privacy. However, after watching a video from Tianyi’s blog, it made me ponder on the issue of authenticity even harder.

The man in the video is seen posting an update every time on his Facebook that does not correspond exactly to what happened in real life. Though the real reason of him doing so is not fully explained but viewers can already guessed it because some of us actually acts like him or know someone that do. He is careful with whatever he shares online because he wants other people to see him in the way he want them to see – in a romantic relationship, have a successful career and enjoying his life in general.

The video shows the ugly truth of how some people behave on social media websites. These people spends time editing their photos and status updates just so that the content is representing the ideal version of themselves. And because everyone wants to be like by others, these people just make everything seem great to get people to give them the thumbs up.

People that are normally happy with their lives will suddenly notice they are missing something and feel miserable when comparing themselves to these people. Maybe our human mind is just not meant to take in so much details of someone else’s life!

With all things considered, I think the biggest problem to owning multiple accounts online is the lack of consistency and credibility. Having so many identities to manage will end up causing us to conflict ourselves in our different profiles and affect the trust people put on us. On the other hand, having a single identity online also does not necessarily mean that is the ‘real’ us we are putting out. We have the choice to leave digital footsteps in any way we want as long we abide to Internet laws and etiquette.

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