Do we still need traditional resume?


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Many companies are increasingly using online platforms to recruit people. And as job seekers, we should start taking our online identity seriously by posting the right content to impress potential employee. Imagine if a potential employer were to research you online, what would he or she find?


If you haven’t realised, traditional resume are no longer useful in helping us stand out in the competitive society! What we can do though, is to create a professional profile using sites like LinkedIn, WordPress or Twitter.

Here are more reasons to why online profiles will replace resumes.

With that, let’s look at tips on building an online profile!

  1. Be Image Conscious
    Choose a photo that best represent your personal brand. It can be a photo of yourself in a business suit or standing on top of MacRitchie Treetop Walk smiling! Try to make sure that every photo that can be recoverable online should at least be appropriate and that all of your other profiles and websites are using the same photo. This will maintain a consistent brand image that employers will begin to recognize.
  2. Be Everywhere
    Use social media websites like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook aggressively to share your profile. It can boost your personal search ranking and make your information available to anyone which allows you to network with people you normally can’t reach. Keep your message consistent so your profile can be seen as authentic and you don’t come off as someone with multiple identities.
  3. Use Elevator Pitch in Your “About Me” Section
    Imagine you are sharing an elevator with an employer of your dream company and have only 30 seconds during the ride to introduce yourself. Make a short video introducing yourself by stating precisely who you are and what drives you. Then move on to some of your experiences and skills that make you stand out. A video can add authenticity to your profile.

    Below is a video showing how you can go about doing so:

  4. Keep it Up to Date
    Every time you make changes to your profile you post an update so people can keep track of your latest information. Also refresh keywords and phrases that people use to search for your profile. The more active your profile is, the higher chance of people believing your profile is authentic.

Good luck and have fun! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Do we still need traditional resume?

  1. Hi Vanna,

    I really enjoyed reading your posts and it definitely gave me a few insightful pointers on kicking start on my online profile!

    I liked how you talked about “Consistency” in your guide. I agree that Consistency is a very important point as it leads to one’s reliability and authenticity. For a start, just by having the same profile picture across all accounts, recruiters can easily identify you by the picture. Other than having a consistent picture, information must be consistent as well.

    Could you please elaborate more on the part about Elevator Pitch to write on the “About Me” section? I have a habit of putting too much information, which makes it seem that I’m rambling. Perhaps I could use your idea of adding a short video clip on my profile page! What should I include in the video clip, which won’t be seen as repeating information on the “About Me” page? 🙂

    By the way, the video was really useful for me. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  2. Hi Vanna,

    Nice write-up on what you feel about how an authentic professional online profile should be developed to attract future employers!

    I agree on your point that companies now tend to recruit people through online platforms instead of the traditional method of “cover letters, CV and interviews”. But it is not entirely useless in the sense that it will definitely cost your chance of getting hired. To be honest, I still find traditional resume essential as some companies deemed it as being the most straightforward and authentic method. No gimmicks no nothing.

    But of course, in the day and age where almost all the people are on social network, it is an interesting and creative way of engaging with our future employers or superiors. I feel for this digital age, a traditional resume must be paired with a professional online profile for the best results(not forgetting good interview skills). Not one element can be missing as they complement one another.

    Moving on, the four tips you mentioned are very relevant for a professional online profile to set in, especially the point about the Elevator Pitch on the “About Me” section. It is a very creative way for constructing the “About Me” section and it will definitely make one’s profile stand out from the crowd. Like what you mentioned, we have only 30 seconds to impress our future employers and introducing through a video is something out of the norm.

    Although it may seem to be a “sure-win method”, some may not adopt this method as they may have personal issues such as having phobia in front of a camcorder/camera. But sometimes having a video is a double-edged sword for some job seekers. Yes it will catch their attention, but they may also notice from the videos their body language and the way they express themselves and thus, be judged straightaway. They may then assume that the job seeker did not take the introduction video seriously, and resulted their profile to be discarded. So my take is, if you are confident, go ahead with the creation of the video. If not, steer clear of it! What do you think?

    All in all I really enjoyed your blog post on this topic and there is no doubt our own online profile will be professional and well-constructed by the end of this course!

    Jun Wai


  3. Hello Vanna!

    Really like the structure and flow of your post explaining in detail on how to build an online profile. I agree to a certain extent based on your statement where you mentioned that traditional resumes are no longer useful in helping us to stand out in the competitive society today.

    Relating back to topic 1, we have talked about digital natives/immigrants/etc.. from there we learned that not everyone is digitally inclined and they use the web for different purposes. You may know of some who do not have a social media account. If that same person who didn’t have an account excelled at studies and had a lot of achievements. To add on, the reliability on the web is questionable and there has been cases of identity theft. Would you still agree that traditional resumes are no longer useful?

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂


  4. Hi Vanna,

    Totally agree that resumes no longer help us to stand out. Nowadays in Singapore, many students are university graduates unlike a century ago…

    However, I feel that that resumes are not totally being replaced, but upgraded instead. An online profile basically contains the same information as our traditional resumes but with additional information that reveals more about a candidate.

    On the other hand, I agree that being all around on social media will really boost your personal search, which means your stories would be heard by more! I believe that all these profiles on the different social media websites will create an overall personal brand as each profiles would be linked to another. Different social media sites have different usage and thus it will bring out different sides of you. For example, LinkedIn would focus on online “resume” and connectivity, while blogging allows you to express your thoughts. The contents on the different sites should also be authentic in order for a defined personal brand.

    I really enjoyed your post Vanna! 🙂


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