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In my previous post, I discussed on the issue of bashing. After reading on the posts that my peers have shared, these are other ethical issues that are found to be significant as well:

Venezia’s and Jamie’s post are mainly about dishonesty and distorted endorsement. Many companies hire influencers and celebrities to post fake reviews about their products and to create a false impression that these endorsers actually uses their product.

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(an endorser’s confession on her Instagram)
Cr: Jamie’s Blog

As someone who shops online quite frequently, I rely on product reviews when making purchasing decisions. If a company participates in any dishonest practices, it jeopardizes the quality of their offerings and as a consumer I would find it difficult to see that company to be trustworthy again.

Silviana shared her views on how unethical it is for employees to be fired because of their online behavior. I support her suggestion that companies should set clear policies and regulations regarding social media usage. It definitely puts a clearer picture in employee’s mind on how to interact online and what is considered appropriate or inappropriate to post.

She also mentioned how everyone has the freedom of speech and an employee has the right to share whatever they want online. I have to disagree with her because I believe that posting negative comments even without revealing names can still leave an impact. Our current or future employers will be able to track our posts which leaves a bad impression on our image. If a person really wants to complain about work, perhaps discussing it with friends in a private conversation would be better?

Sze Li stresses on the importance of privacy and how common it is for companies (e.g. Facebook) to sell consumer’s personal information. For me, I find the idea of companies accessing our cookies to be disturbing. It is important on our side, that we share as little personal information as possible to avoid companies using it without our permission.

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