Yes to open access!

Prior to reading the posts from my peers, I couldn’t choose a side on the whole debate but now I am sure I stand for having open access on the Internet!

From Sze Li’s post, she mentioned Skillshare, an online learning platform that offers design related courses and materials for free. I did some further research on Google and found another education platform called Coursera that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide. With so many similar sites available, it seems like learning online is slowly becoming a trend.

As a student, I can understand how paying off student loans can be a problem. There are many people out there that can’t afford a proper education but still want to educate themselves. With open access, these people will get to enjoy the online courses to gain more knowledge without having to worry about money. I believe everyone should benefit from education regardless of their financial status, and the Internet only has the ability to do so if there is open access!

Patrick and Huimin brought up the issue of Plagiarism which I think is one of the significant disadvantage of open access. It is unfair and discouraging to content makers who spend so much time and effort on working on a research and then later have someone copied and claiming it to be theirs.

I discovered Creative Commons and think it may be an effective solution to this problem. It is a nonprofit organization that gives authors and researchers a ‘some rights reserved’ policy instead of ‘all rights reserved’ policy. It allow interested users to re-publish their work as long as they follow the condition set by the author. This concept is beneficial to both users and content makers as one get to use the material for free, and the latter gets to make their work known to the public to gain more recognition.

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