12 Days

This module has touched on so many topics that I will never get to find out on my own. (Before: What is open access? Am I a digital resident or visitor?) It is so unconventional – lectures on google hangout, assignments on blog, inquiry on twitter. It promotes active learning and has so much flexibility in terms of timing. I became more independent as I look for references to produce content for my blog and improve on skills such as locating, organising and analysing data information. Other than the impact on my learning, the module has great relevance in the increasingly digital society. I learnt many tips on how to sell myself and build my online profile to impress prospective employers. I also gave thought about real issues like job application, online identity and privacy during the course of the module which I find it to be really useful.

The link below will direct you to a full version of a 4 page visual journal I’ve created using Piktochart. 


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Here are some screenshots: