I was born into a world where Internet already exists and I spend most of my time on the computer, do I qualify to be a digital literate?

For today’s class, I was told to rate myself on my current level of digital literacy and these were my results ( 1- low, 5- high):

ratings before with comments

It turns out I am not as literate as I expected I would be.

Initially, I thought a digital literate person is simply someone who can read and understands what is on their computer. After reading some definitions on Google, I learnt that a digital literate person actually possesses many more skills like managing, organising, locating and creating information on a broad range of digital devices.

I gave myself low scores on areas like online communities and networks, which both I do not have much experience or knowledge about.

Hopefully during the course of this module, I will get a chance to explore them and increase my scores in all criteria!